Growers House Holdings LLC

'Full service, digitally led retailer of hydroponic equipment and supplies to commercial and hobbyist growers in the specialty agriculture industry'

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  • Growers House was founded in 2011 by father and son team, Paul and Nate Lipton, who married their passion for specialty agriculture hydroponics with a need to earn a living
  • The Company pioneered online retail of hydroponic equipment and supplies while managing a single retail store and headquarters in Tucson, AZ
  • Over the last decade, the Company has grown rapidly, expanding its customer base, channels and product categories while adapting to a rapidly changing regulatory environment
  • Growers House is uniquely placed in the industry by combining the creation of proprietary, industry leading video content with one of the largest assortments and seasoned cultivation experts to provide full-service retail and consulting to commercial and hobbyist growers alike
  • The focus of the recap was to accelerate the company’s omni-channel growth, develop more world class content for its rapidly expanding digital media outlets, expand into new markets and offer best in-class services and products
  • In April 2021, Cave Creek Capital and RLJ Equity Partners completed a growth recapitalization of Growers House to provide capital to accelerate the Company’s multiple growth vectors
  • Owners and early investors achieved their liquidity goals from the transaction
  • Co-CEO’s Nate Lipton and Angela Kapp, and the existing management team reinvested a significant portion of their proceeds and continue to operate the Company
  • Expansion plan of retail footprint in Arizona and to new geographies initiated shortly after the acquisition
  • Ongoing regulatory advances create opportunities for aggressive growth through launch of new services, products and private label expansion