Investment Focus

We seek out industry leaders who can leverage our investment
into higher growth and a stronger competitive position.

What are we looking for?

Cave Creek Capital focuses its investment interest on several key sectors:

• Business Services

• Consumer Products & Services

• Specialty Distribution

• Healthcare Services

• Specialty Manufacturing

We target companies with annual revenues ranging from $25 million to $150 million, offering the flexibility to make equity or mezzanine investments based on the needs of our chosen partners.

Importantly, while these areas and criteria provide guidance, each investment decision is thoughtfully tailored to the specific context and growth potential of the individual company. This adaptability allows Cave Creek Capital to transcend industry boundaries when presented with a compelling investment opportunity.

`` This strategy has enabled our management partners to achieve leadership in their markets and generate exceptional growth and returns. ``

Investment Focus

Types of Investments

Equity and Mezzanine Investments of $5MM to $25MM

Parameters of Investments

Companies with $20MM to $150MM of Revenues

Industries of Interest

Business Services, Consumer Products & Services, Specialty Distribution, Healthcare Services, and Specialty Manufacturing.

Cave Creek Capital Management

The Next Generation of Private Equity

Cave Creek Capital Management LLC is a Private Equity firm specializing in stock or asset acquisitions, recapitalizations, growth equity, owner liquidity, and turnaround investments.



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