'Leveraging Technology to Expand Into New Markets'

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  • Company founded in 1961 and profitable every year
  • Proprietary products drove strong customer relationships and recurring revenues
  • Founder limited growth to a lifestyle business resulting in low penetration of a large potential market (100+ U.S. pulp mills and untapped mining market)
  • Attractive EBITDA margins
  • Management buyout completed by Former Dow Chemical executives with The Courtney Group and Cave Creek Capital in August 2007
  • Substantial investment made to expand Company’s facilities, marketing, and administrative systems
  • Hired additional Senior Executives; tripled existing team
  • Expanded R&D programs with several existing products and several under development
  • Expanded mining effort to become leader in US phosphate mining sector
  • Launched international sales effort
  • Sales have grown 300% since closing
  • Customer base has increased 400%
  • Cash Flow (EBITDA) has increased over 100% in four years
  • Recapitalized Senior and Subordinated Debt with SunTrust in February 2012
  • Management team expands in conjunction with debt recapitalization in 2014
  • Lower leveraged company continues to to invest in paper/pulp and mining markets
  • Expansion into international markets with joint ventures with major chemical companies attracted by Bastech’s technology