Mark Sandroff



Marc Sandroff has more than 30 years experience as an entrepreneurial executive and Private Equity investor with a particularly strong track record in health care services and technology. Mr. Sandroff co-founded his first company, a healthcare products distributor, when he was 23 and successfully sold it before he was thirty earning his investors’ a 3X return. He then spent 18 years in the Private Equity industry, initially in the Private Equity Division of Allstate Insurance, then one of the largest Private Equity investor in the world. Mr. Sandroff co founded, Essex Ventures, a Private Equity firm and spent the next 14 years building it to $600 million of capital under management. He was a senior partner of five Private Equity funds financed by leading institutional investors (including Allstate). In 2004, he formed an entity to provide management services and Private Equity to growth companies, pioneering the management services approach which combines high level “CEO Coaching” and strategic and operating advisory services with capital investment. During this period, Mr. Sandroff also financed a specialty distribution/information company in which he served as President. In 18 months, this Firm grew from $8 million to a revenue run rate of almost $38 million and was successful sold to Walgreen’s. In 2009, Mr. Sandroff moved to Arizona and continued his management services and investment practice. Mr. Sandroff recently founded Cadre Partners, an Arizona-based Private Equity fund focused on growth investments in companies with $5-15 million in sales.

Mr. Sandroff holds a Bachelor Degree from Washington University in St. Louis in social science and a Masters Degree from the University of Chicago, in Strategic Management and Policy.